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Why Do Elephants Need The Sun? (wells Of Knowledge Science)

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Why Do Elephants Need The Sun

Why Do Elephants Need The Sun is the right book. The author is Robert E. Wells and the publisher is Albert Whitman & Company. The child's book went on sale on the 1st of September, 2012. The child's book is 32 pages long. The book dimensions are 0.2"H x 10.3"L x 6.8"W and weighs around 0.25 lbs. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our store link.

Albert Whitman & Company

ISBN: 0807590827
Author: Robert E. Wells

There are trillions of stars inside the universe, but we depend on our sun to supply (or contribute to) most of what we need to survive and thrive: heat, light, plants, animals, wind, and water. Complete with fun, cartoon illustrations, this book give kids plenty of details about our sun in an easy-to-read and digest format. By focusing on the needs of an elephant, Wells makes clear just how important the sun is to life on Earth.


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