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Small As An Elephant

4 stars
Small As An Elephant

Do you wish to acquire a children's book? Looking into purchasing a copy of Small As An Elephant written by Jennifer Richard Jacobson. Written by Jennifer Richard Jacobson and it is published by Candlewick. The book was available in April of 2013. The book has 288 pages. While reading is something of which anyone, of nearly every age can enjoy, there are most definitely many ways which you might make the enjoyment more advantageous. Review the following tips and you may like reading a whole lot more, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.


ISBN: 0763663336
Author: Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Jack's mom is gone, leaving him all alone on a campsite in Maine. Any other kid would report his mom gone, but Jack knows by now that he requirements to figure things out for himself - beginning with the best way to acquire from the backwoods of Maine to his house in Boston before DSS catches on. With nothing but a little toy elephant to help keep him company, Jack begins the lengthy journey south, a journey that can test his wits and his loyalties - and his trust that he might be portion of a bigger herd after all. Ever since Jack can remember, his mom has been unpredictable, sometimes loving and fun, other times caught in a whirlwind of energy and"spinning"wildly till it's over. Can he find his way back to Boston before the authorities realize what happened? But Jack never believed his mom would take off for the duration of the night and leave him at a campground in Acadia National Park, with no strategy to reach her and barely enough money for food.


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