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The Purple Elephant (the Purple Elephant Series)

Purple Elephant5 Star Rating
Purple Elephant
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You simply must pick up a copy of The Purple Elephant (the Purple Elephant Series) a remarkable child's book. The book is 77 pages long. To get the same cheap price I found, check out our partners via the link.

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Author: Donna Gielow McFarland

"Don't touch the purple elephant!"The Purple Elephant"might be read a chapter at a time as a bedtime story, but most will desire to study straight through this enchanting tale."the king warned, but the purple elephant's skin looked so soft that Prince Carmel couldn't resist. Immediately, the purple elephant raised his trunk and trumpeted. Then, he reared up on his hind legs. So begins an adventure sure to delight young and old alike. He stretched out his hand and gently touched the elephant's face."The Purple Elephant"consists of each of the good old-fashioned ingredients -- an adventuresome prince, a reluctant princess, a friendly fire-breathing dragon, a wicked wizard plus a generous dose of humor.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 77

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