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I Am A Little Elephant: Mini (little Animal Miniature)

4 stars
I Am A Little Elephant Mini

A baby elephant describes his life with the rest of the herd, and how his mother teaches him and protects him from harm. On board pages.
The author is Francois Crozat and it is published by Barron's Educational Series. This book became available in November of 1997. The book has 24 pages and it provides you with a variety of artistically colored illustrations. If you prefer a copy of this children's book for your children, check out our affilate button below.

Barron's Educational Series

MPN: 9780812063530
ISBN: 0812063538
Author: Francois Crozat

What if animals could talk? The simple stories will delight small children and the art is simply outstanding. Author-artist Francois Crozat was 1994 winner of the coveted Critici in Erba prize in the international Bologna Children's Book Fair for his illustrations in I Am a Little Panda. These charming books each depict a day in the life of a young animal-as told by the animal itself!


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