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Good Night Elephants! (good Night Father Sun Series (perfect For Bedtime And Young Readers))

Good Night Elephants5 Star Rating
Good Night Elephants
"Good Night Elephants": Happens To Be A Must Own Book

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Author: Faith Donahue

Now a #1 Amazon Bestseller! As leading reviewers say, repetitive sentences help kids know what's coming subsequent (they love that!) and animal silhouettes help little ones learn the various animals of Africa by sight. This book is perfect for bedtime and youngsters that happen to be understanding to read, with all the concentrate on the beautiful sunset pictures. Note: This book uses full images in landscape mode for the best viewing experience - so it does not execute on Kindle for Computer (at this time ). 20 vivid illustrations make the reading enjoyable for you and your kiddo! Meant to be study with a sleepy, gentle voice and slow cadence, help Father Sun put the elephants as well as other animals of Africa to bed one particular by one. Works on all other devices.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 1

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