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Ellena The Elephant Learns Why She Needs To Tidy Up Her Toys !

5 stars
Ellena The Elephant Learns Why She Needs

For anyone trying to find a book I have come up with some good information. Try Ellena The Elephant Learns Why She Needs written by Cressida Elias. The book is 28 pages long.

Author: Cressida Elias

Note: New Edition 18th August 2012Review comments include:"truly a great book"" love it"" excellent story with a very good lesson"Third book to become released inside the delightful series called Safari Children's Books on Good Behavior - this time Ellena the Elephant learns the reasons why she needs to maintain her toys tidy and the consequences if she does not. With humor and cute illustrations, this book is a vital tool for every single parent who wants to teach their kid the worth of tidying up. Great as a bedtime story or element of a collection of childrens books in nurseries and so on.


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