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Elephant's Story

4 stars
Elephants Story

Children love this terrific book. The author is Harriet Blackford and it was published in May of 2008 by Boxer Books. The child's book has 32 pages. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.

Boxer Books

Author: Harriet Blackford

The newest elephant in the herd is adorably small and wrinkly, with floppy ears together with a most extraordinary nose. Kids will love watching this infant develop up, surrounded by a loving family that's always there to safeguard her. Though she's a baby, it isn't long prior to she's charging around her mother, flapping those big ears to frighten the birds, learning to manage her trunk, playing with other calves … and charming children everywhere. At the same time, young readers will find out important facts about this endangered species: how the herd behaves, why they may one day disappear, and what distinct kinds of elephants live about the globe. This is non-fiction at its freshest — filled with important information presented through a dramatic, exciting, and memorably illustrated story.


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