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Elephant And Piggie Bundle

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Elephant And Piggie Bundle
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Your kids will love this wonderful book by Mo Willems. Written by Mo Willems and it was published sometime in 2011 by FBApowersetup. Let yourself get absorbed throughout this child's book. While you read, imagine this situation inside of your mind. Purchase a copy of this children's book, check out the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.


MPN: 9781423167075
ISBN: 1423167074
Author: Mo Willems

Today, I Will Fly! Piggie is determined to fly. But Gerald the elephant knows that's impossible--isn't it? could be the funny introduction to the characters.

In My Friend is Sad, elephant Gerald is down in the dumps. But what does it take to produce a sad elephant happy? Piggie is determined to cheer him up by dressing as a cowboy, a clown, and even a robot! The answer will make even pessimistic elephants smile.

In I Am Invited to a Party! Elephant's advice is odd to say the least, so Piggie will try on all sorts of zany outfits before finally arriving at the party for a hilarious surprise. She doesn't know what to wear, though, so she asks her best friend Elephant for help. Piggie is invited to her 1st party.


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